Rare Studios is more than just a desk or a daylight studio in Amsterdam; it’s one hundred and ten square meters of creative space. An inspiring platform to discuss ideas, philosophise about our respective fields, and inspire each other to get into the best frame of mind to be creative.
Our goal is to help each other get into a belief and growth mindset, ultimately helping each other to reach the next level.

At RARE studios, we like to attract creative and social entrepreneurs.
We want to be a hub that supports a healthy life-work balance, taking care of our minds, bodies, and creative frequencies. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle is part of the basics if you want to set yourself up for success.

Your biggest challenges might be combatting things like self-doubt, writer’s block, or even creative paralysis. The people who have experienced this will know what we are talking about, and to the people that haven’t yet; believe us when we say, it’s nice to have like-minded people around to inspire you to keep going, even when the going gets tough. Working together we can motivate each other, collaborate, think out of the box and create distinctive and unique work. Together we can lift each other to a higher level, and build a true community of creative visionaries.